Our flagship refinishing range, Metalux™, has taken the global market by storm. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, Metalux™ enables any colour to be accurately matched. A mere 77 toners achieves 140 000 colours which means a smaller stockholding for the bodyshop. The unparalleled combination of performance excellence, colour tools, support, and affordability has positioned this range as a new global player in automotive refinishes.The Metalux™ range also features a full com

Hydrolux is a fantastic environmentally friendly waterbourne basecoat system. The range features several outstanding features that set it apart from the competition in terms of shelf-life, drying time, and temperature stability even in sub-zero temperatures.Specifically developed to address the latest environmental legislation, which has placed stringent limits on the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into the atmosphere, Hydrolux comfortably complies with all proposed st

The Metalux CV™ range offers an affordable, high-quality refinish range catering directly to the volume fleet market.The colour tools of the Metalux CV™ system are truly world-class. Based on the Swedish NCS colour system, Metalux CV™ has added 1750 colour swatches to the already existing 1400 colour chips. This means that matching a vehicle’s colour is as easy as placing the swatches against a panel until a match is found. Thereafter a code is punched into the comp

Specrylic™ is a high quality automotive system that offers exceptional value to the medium-sized body shop. The scientifically engineered toner colours allow a remarkably large number of paint colours to be mixed with just 15 2K toners. This time-proven range of 2K toners, Primers, Clearcoats and Hardeners has been engineered for exceptional durability, light-fastness and ease of use.The range boasts a superb gloss finish and the carefully selected range of pigments allows a wide var

Developed specifically for retail stores to produce counter mixed colours on demand, the new Specrylic Plus™ range of 2K and Basecoat toners offers outstanding value. The system boasts extensive computer-controlled colour matching capabilities, and features unparalleled colour tools.Powered by EasiMix software for simple formula retrieval, Specrylic Plus™ features over 12000 actual paint swatches in chromatic sequence for simple visual colour matches. There is no other value sy

Auto Paint™ is a collection of three professional quality standard pre-mixed 2K colours, comprising of White, Black and Red. Providing a superb gloss finish with excellent opacity and coverage, this system is engineered for light-fastness and durability.This easy-to-use system mixes with a universal hardener and a specially designed clearcoat and primer complete the range.

For 20 years Formula 40™ has been the market leader in automotive body filler products. From the benchmark “liteweight body filler” to our bodyshop essentials, Formula 40™ represents uncompromised quality and outstanding value. Over the years, Formula 40™ has added a full range of class leading products right from fibreglass mats and underbody rubberiser to the first super glaze and colour shine polish.The Formula 40™ range can be displayed at any busine