Specrylic™ is a high quality automotive system that offers exceptional value to the medium-sized body shop. The scientifically engineered toner colours allow a remarkably large number of paint colours to be mixed with just 15 2K toners. This time-proven range of 2K toners, Primers, Clearcoats and Hardeners has been engineered for exceptional durability, light-fastness and ease of use. 

The range boasts a superb gloss finish and the carefully selected range of pigments allows a wide variety of colours to be mixed. The range is supported by the NCS 1750 colour swatches, 135 colour formulations and a colour wheel, and the EasiMix Professional formula retrieval software. Special products in the range include a HC (High Cover) White, and a range of Nitrocellulose products (White, 2 Primers and a Matt Black).